Mingart (Lutai) Technology Co., Ltd. since 1992, focused on the plastic industry, is a joint venture in Taiwan. Lutai factory located in Tianjin Economic Development Zone, adjacent pond Order of speed, about 40 kilometers away from Tianjin Port, strategic location, is the development, production, sales in one of the plastic flooring manufacturers.

      Mingart (Lutai) Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​over 76,000 square meters, the design capacity of 360 cabinets / month. The company has a group of experienced and innovative technical personnel, and implement a set of strict and efficient management philosophy, and the introduction of mature and advanced production line can produce locking flooring, dry bottom floor, since Shen floors suitable for home, commercial premises plastic flooring products.
       Mingart (Lutai) Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the use of renewable raw materials, and strive to use proactive service to provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic flooring products, customers become a trusted partner.